Case study

In mid-2016 we were approached by diabetes division of Roche Norway to develop new e-commerce platform for their diabetes-related products. The main goal of this project is to have a clean and accessible design with simple and easy checkout.

After a short survey of the main website visitors, we have opted for bright colors and big elements that will enable user to easily understand purpose and usage of Roches devices.


Considering our extensive experience with Drupal Commerce, we wanted to try the combination of Drupal 8 and DC 2.0. The only problem was that at that point, Drupal Commerce 2.0 was in early alpha and was missing a lot of basic features. During our discussions client was a bit hesitant about this, but we were able to convince them to go with this approach and grow with Drupal Commerce 2.0. 

While Drupal Commerce was still missing shipping (only some groundwork was done), due to its architecture it was super easy for us to develop our own shipping methods and integrate it with simple checkout workflow